Edison Chen Sex Photos Scandal

In early 2008, the Hong Kong entertainment industry was rocked by the widespread internet distribution of hundreds of explicit photos of actor Edison Chen Kwoon Hei and his past girlfriends. With 8 arrested in HK, headlines in all HK newspapers and even mention on CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, this is turning out to be Asia's largest sex photo scandal ever.

Why this scandal is stirring up such a storm in Asia is because Hong Kong is one of the largest players in the Asian film and music industry -- and most of the ladies appearing in the photos are also high profile HK celebrities. So far we've seen nude pics of Gillian Chung Yan Tung, Bobo Chan Man Woon, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Rachel Ngan Wing Sze, Mandy Chen Yu Ju, Candice Chan Si Wai, and Vincy Yeung Wing Ching. If there's a Guiness world record on the number of naked female celebrities pics found in one place, this has got to take the cake. There's also rumor that there's a video of Maggie Q floating around somewhere out there.

So, with all the fuss and after viewing all those pics, it's time to ask -- is Edison Chen a manly stud or cowardly dud? Who's photos will show up next? Was the situation handled appropriately by the Hong Kong police? Are the ladies stupid for letting him take those pics? We want to know what you think!

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As of Feb 10, there's 450+ pics here
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Edison Chen Edison Chen - stud or dud?

Edison Chen Girlfriends Timeline Edison Chen girlfriends timeline

Gillian Chung Gillian Chung

Bobo Chan Bobo Chan

Cecilia Cheung Cecilia Cheung

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Is this a conspiracy by Edison Chen to gain instant fame and get his foot in the door to Hollywood?

Alrite people, do you really think Edison Chen is really stupid enough to leave all those pics in his laptop and let some computer technician get a hold of them and leak them on the internet? I say he leaked the photos on purpose or at least purposely left them unprotected and easy for someone to find because it's a shortcut to fame and get his foot in the door to Hollywood. Think about it, what would happen if pics of some Hollywood celebrity getting head from numerous famous female celebri ... read more

Is Jolin Tsai one of the 5 new celebrities uncovered by police investigations?

As of Feb 26, five new celebrities were identified in police investigations of Edison's photos. Two television entertainers, one model who had moved her career overseas, and two singer-actresses, of which one is from Taiwan. Singer actress from Taiwan? Sound like Jolin Tsai anyone?

Is Kira good or evil?

Is Edison Chen an egoistic pig?

Who's hotter naked? ;)

They sure look different in those pics when compared to the regular glamour shots we're used to seeing. Who's hotter??