Is this a conspiracy by Edison Chen to gain instant fame and get his foot in the door to Hollywood?

Alrite people, do you really think Edison Chen is really stupid enough to leave all those pics in his laptop and let some computer technician get a hold of them and leak them on the internet?

I say he leaked the photos on purpose or at least purposely left them unprotected and easy for someone to find because it's a shortcut to fame and get his foot in the door to Hollywood. Think about it, what would happen if pics of some Hollywood celebrity getting head from numerous famous female celebrities surfaced on the internet? He'd be the stud of the century!

And notice how in Edison Chen's February 21 news conference he states that he's leaving the HONG KONG entertainment industry and not "the entertainment industry" as a whole. Sound suspicious anyone?

He just might be able to pull this stunt off because he does, as a matter of fact, speak perfect english. And I think he might have succeeded at least partially already because I see this scandal getting attention from westerners that under normal circumstances wouldn't have the slightest clue who he is.

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